Home interiors look and feel sublime when textures, colors, materials and finishes all come together to achieve harmony and balance. While such interiors look like everything just “fell into place,” the behind-the-scenes design process involves countless decisions, careful scheduling, people skills and number crunching — details that busy clients seldom want to be bothered with. Lorrie Browne Interiors takes care of every last detail as if by magic. But, in fact, our process is highly structured and systematic.

It’s also personal. We meet with you to discuss your needs and ideas, learn about your tastes and style, and take inventory of what you have and what you would like to add to your living space. Based on your preferences and priorities, and keeping in mind each unique personality in the household, we then create your perfectly suited living space, one element at a time. From conceiving and fine-tuning plans with your architect to final installation and all the finishing touches, we manage the design process from concept to completion.

We oversee this complex process using the latest technology and time-tested business systems:

Customized Client Websites

Keep track of your selections (includes floor plans, photos of furnishings and accessories, fabrics swatches, paint colors, etc.)

3D Renderings

Visualize finished spaces

Video Updates

See your home as design elements come together

Web Conferencing Tools

Streamline communication and minimize face-to-face meetings

Online Proposals and Financial Summaries

Real time, password protected itemized proposals and financial summaries so you are always informed.

Turnkey Service for Seasonal Residents

Ensure all furnishings, linens, kitchen supplies and personal items are in place and ready to use on arrival

As the creative process unfolds, you can also expect meticulous records throughout and a detailed but comprehensible project summary.

While we’re proud of our technology, Lorrie Browne Interiors understands that the best communication tool is listening. Unlike one-note designers who tend to revert to their “signature” style, we ask the right questions and take the time to understand and interpret with flair your distinct needs and preferences. As a result, every home we design uniquely reflects the people who live there.

We customize our pricing plan to each project. In addition to cost of your finishes and furniture, and depending on each client’s needs and the scope of the project we may charge:

Hourly Rate for Smaller Projects

For smaller projects, and consultations, we’ve found it makes most sense to charge an hourly rate.

Value-based Flat Fee for Larger Projects

We realize the apprehension an open-ended hourly rate can cause, so based upon our years of experience, we’ll calculate a value-based flat fee for our time to design and implement your project.

Ready to start planning the home of your dreams?